Day trip to Kangaroo Valley | Car trip from Sydney

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Kangaroo Valley day trip map
Kangaroo Valley: a day trip map

It was supposed to be just another sunny winter weekend at home, but then Hubby and I decided to get the Sunday off to explore the Kangaroo Valley.

Our idea was to get there around 9 in the morning, do some hikes, have lunch, and spend a bit of the afternoon exploring the area, finally coming back to Sydney still before dark.

So we got enough time to do a bunch of things, which I will be describing next.
If you want, you can go straight ahead to my shared Google Maps with things to do in the Hunter Valley with all the places and attractions we visited.

Places to go

Three views walk
Here you have – yep, you guessed right,  three easy and relatively short trails to pick from.

In case you are not in a hurry you can do all of them in the morning.
The trails are flat and don’t have much to offer along the way (just a nice walk), but the reward is at the end of each one of them, with breathtaking views.

You can see below photos from each view.

If you have to pick between one or two of the trails, I suggest picking the Shoalhaven River View (the longest trail) and/or Lake Yarrunga View (the shortest one).

Lake Yarrunga View
Lake Yarrunga View – Length: 3.4km return

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