Hedera Gelateria • Rome

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Hedera - entrance.
Hedera – entrance.

Hedera was another perfect gelato stop.

Hopefully you are not surprised to know gelato in Italy is a serious thing, right? 😜

The store is super cute, with a vintage look that invites you in straight away.
In addition to the great variety of gelato flavours, you can also find granitas there (just in case you want something different)!

My order

As we were quite full after our delicious lunch at Da Romolo, this time we decided to share a small cup.

Just to refresh ourselves a bit before exploring more of Rome in the afternoon!

Our choice was: Chuo (70% dark chocolate) and Hedera Top (their secret flavour).

Chuo (70% dark chocolate) and Hedera Top secret flavour.
Chuo (70% dark chocolate) and Hedera Top (their secret flavour)

It’s hard to find exact words to describe both flavours, but let me give it a try:

The dark chocolate one was super rich and extremely chocolatey, as a good quality chocolate gelato should be.
It may be too bitter in case you are not a dark chocolate fan, otherwise go for it, you will love!

For the top secret flavour … OMG! What was that? I can’t describe but I believe there is a bit of pistachio and spices in it. I asked the owner what was in that flavour and he said it is “top secret” and he couldn’t reveal. 😜

The only thing he could tell me was if there was any nuts, in case I was allergic, and indeed there was, so by the flavour I suppose it was pistachio.

The verdict

In case you are around the Vatican this is a perfect place to have a stop and enjoy a delicious Italian gelato.

I loved their gelato and service was super friendly.

In case you manage to get out of them what the Top Secret flavour is made of, please tell me!
This was one of my favourite flavours in Rome, and I’m dying to know more about it. 😅

Exact location: maps.google.com/maps/sU9dP5YeaHt

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Da Romolo • Rome – Vatican

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Da Romolo - entrance.
Da Romolo – entrance.

We had just left the Vatican and Da Romolo seemed the perfect option for our lunch.

And indeed it was! I only have good memories from this place.

It is just a couple of blocks away from the Vatican, but far enough to not be swamped by tourists. 🙂
Which means you can enjoy your meal in a very calm and relaxing atmosphere.

My order

As we were quite hungry after walking around the Vatican in the morning, our lunch looked like a feast, check it out:

  • To share: Italian bread.
  • Hubby: simple salad (mixed leaves, tomato, and carrots) and Margherita pizza.
  • Mine: caprese salad (fresh mozzarella, tomato, basil, and olive oil) and beef steak.
Italian bread.
Italian bread.
Caprese salad (fresh mozzarela, tomato, basil, and olive oil).
Caprese salad (fresh mozzarella, tomato, basil, and olive oil).
Simple salad - mixed leaves, tomato, and carrots.
Simple salad – mixed leaves, tomato, and carrots.
Marguerita pizza.
Margherita pizza.
Beef steak.
Beef steak.

Every single dish was superb!

I loved the two salads and my huge steak. ❤️

I don’t know if it is because I was really missing a nice piece of beef, but for me, this one was something brought from heaven.

Hubby’s pizza was equally good, with a super crunchy and thin crust, all topped with a delicious fresh mozzarella cheese.

Ah! We didn’t have a chance to try, but they are a trattoria too, so you can find traditional Italian pasta options there as well.

The verdict

The restaurant is beautiful inside, very charming and comfy.
Staff was extremely friendly and polite, could communicate in English without any issues.

I have absolutely nothing to add, service and food both spot-on!

Exact location: maps.google.com/maps/y5em2cor3mp

More information: www.daromoloallamoleadriana.it

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Two sizes – The best tiramisu in Rome!?

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Two Sizes - entrance.
Two Sizes – entrance.

This apparently timid store next to Piazza Navona holds guaranteed food satisfaction behind its door.

Two Sizes is the place to go for an authentic Italian dessert.
It offers a good variety of homemade Italian creations, including the famous Tiramisu.

Just by passing by on the street you can see them displayed in front of the store. 😁

My order

There you will find the traditional Tiramisu (mascarpone and coffee) and also other flavours, such as pistachio, peanut butter and caramel.
All of them served exclusively in two sizes (hehehe).

As a pistachio fan that I am, I’ve decided to get a small one to try.
Look how cute it was:

Pistachio tiramisu.
Pistachio tiramisu.

I have only two words for this: MIND BLOWING.

… sorry, I can’t even keep writing any longer, my mind is to busy remembering this beauty …

It was my favourite Tiramisu EVAR!!!

And I’m not saying that just because of the pistachio, this entire little piece of heaven was super creamy, smooth and extremely light.

The verdict

It was a shame I didn’t get the big one, seriously.

I just didn’t order another one because you know … all those “eating too much while on holidays” thoughts immediately came to me.
So I had to step on the brakes a bit.

I considered eating again on a subsequent day, but unfortunately, I didn’t happen to be around this place a second time. 😭

So please, in case you decide to go (and I highly recommend you to do so), get the larger size, OK? #noregrests

Exact location: maps.google.com/maps/Wy2DWfKoB8B2

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Frigidarium Gelateria • Rome

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Frigidarium - entrance.
Frigidarium – entrance.

You can easily picture the situation: summer in Italy – temptation is everywhere with those delicious gelatos!

You see gelaterias everywhere and let’s be honest: finding a bad gelato in Rome is almost impossible.

Of course, Frigidarium Gelateria isn’t an exception and once again we had amazing choices of gelato to freshen up after a hot summer day. 😊

My order

If you have been following my posts describing the different gelaterias in Rome I visited, you might noticed I’m kinda always ordering similar flavours.

Why is that? Well, if I want to pick the best, I have to be able to compare them, right?

So here is what we decided to get this time:

  • Mine: pistachio and amarena (a small bitter and dark Italian cherry).
  • Hubby: chocolate and tiramisu with chocolate coat.
Pistachio and Amarena.
Pistachio and amarena.
Chocolate and Tiramisu with a chocolate coat.
Chocolate and tiramisu with a chocolate coat.

I loved their amarena flavour, it was delicious to find the whole black cherry mixed in.

The other half, pistachio, was good, but it had a mild flavour, you know, lacking punch?
I would prefer something stronger.

Hubby loved his choices, especially that chocolate coat.
According to him, it make the gelato even more refreshing. 😁

The verdict

A very good choice, especially if you happen to be around Pizza Navona.

Staff was super friendly and offered me to taste before I ordered.

They don’t have that many flavours available, but I guarantee they will have the most usual choices.

Their website: www.frigidarium-gelateria.com

Exact location: maps.google.com/maps/T9fkQoN2xz12

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Mimì e Cocò • Rome

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Mimì e Cocò - entrance.
Mimì e Cocò – entrance.

The reason why we decided to go to Mimì e Cocò was my craving for risottos.

We needed a place close to our accomodation and their good reviews online seemed to us a promising choice.
So, why not try it out?!

It’s a relatively small place, working more as a bar than as a restaurant to be honest, but they offer a good variety of dishes, such as pasta, pizzas and risottos (😍).

My order

Our idea was to have a small meal that evening, so we decided to go only with the first course as follows:

  • Mine: funghi risotto.
  • Hubby: spinach and ricotta ravioli.
Funghi risotto.
Funghi risotto.
Spinach and ricotta ravioli.
Spinach and ricotta ravioli.

Hubby loved his ravioli. I tried a bit and indeed was yum!

My risotto on the other hand, despite of being flavoursome it was overcooked, almost like a porridge texture. 😭

Speaking of the portion sizes, they were enough for a somewhat light dinner.

I don’t know about you, but Italian portions are usually huge and we were having some trouble to fit in all the food we wanted to try. há 😆

The verdict

The food was good overall (despite my porridge-style risotto 😜).

But it wasn’t remarkable, so I don’t know if I would come back for a meal.

I believe if you want to have some drinks and appetisers this is a great place, but for dinner or lunch I’d give it a miss.

At the occasion, staff looked a bit rude and inattentive, but easily able to understand English.

Exact location: maps.google.com/maps/SaSRr1ZPKhD2

More information: www.mimiecoco.com

You can check more posts here on the blog about my holidays in Europe and also everything I published about Italy or Rome.