My favourite restaurants in Kyoto

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You’ve probably seen my favourite restaurants in Tokyo (if you haven’t, please do it before you go to that amazing city). Now it’s time to tell you which ones I’m still dreaming about in Kyoto! You can ready my extended review for each one of them just by clicking their titles. Let’s start?

Ramen Sen no Kaze

Yamato no Miso with gyoza - miso-based broth, with veggies, minced pork and spices, topped with three chased pork slices.
Yamato no Miso with gyoza – miso-based broth, with veggies, minced pork and spices, topped with three chased pork slices.

Best Ramen EVER in Kyoto. I don’t need to say anything else here … just GO there. 😝


Kogashi Shoyu-men simple (Burnt soy sauce ramen)
Kogashi Shoyu-men simple (Burnt soy sauce ramen)

This place makes Burnt Soy Sauce Ramen and other different flavours that are not usually found in the super traditional city of Kyoto. Delicious and a must try.

Ichiran Ramen

Ichiran ramen bowl.
Ichiran ramen bowl.

Super cool ramen experience where you are served in an individual booth. But I’m not saying it is worth a visit only because of the experience though, their ramen is indeed yum and totally worth a try.


Chicken and egg rice bowl
Chicken and egg rice bowl

This family-owned restaurant makes perfect homemade udon noodles and also offers many delicious rice bowl options.

KyoTofu Fujino Cafe

Soy milk cheesecake.
Soy milk cheesecake.

This is not truly a restaurant, but I strongly recommend you to visit this little cafe. They serve many dairy free desserts made of soy milk. Please, try their cheesecake for me (bonus points if you try it multiple times).

The best low carb breakfast recipes

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Looking for creative and healthy ways to improve your breakfast options?
Look no further, I’ve handpicked the best just for you!

Avocado and Chia Pudding

Each portion has 7.5g of net carbs, 61g of fat, and 9g of protein.

Breakfast egg muffins

The whole recipe gives you 12 muffins, with 1.25 of net carbs, 7.6g of fat, and 5.5g of protein each.

3 Ingredients Pancake

The whole recipe gives you 6 medium pancakes, with 2.8g of net carbs, 4.6g of fat, and 4.1g of protein each.
Did I also say it’s incredibly easy to make?

Breakfast Rolls

The whole recipe gives you two rolls, with 2.5g of net carbs, 17g of fat, and 20.5g of protein each.

Paleo Breakfast Granola

The whole recipe has 70g of net carbs, 183g of fat, and 51g of protein. But of course, you’re not going to eat 500g of granola, right?
Tip: skip using dates and replace honey with stevia to reduce the number of carbs (although I prefer more natural sweeteners).

Classic Scrambled Eggs

The whole recipe has 1g of net carbs, 21g of fat, and 13g of protein.

Low carb wrap

Each wrap disc has 3g of carbs, 10g of fat, and 7g of protein.

Berries Smoothie Bowl

The whole recipe has 20g of net carbs, 20g of fat, and 3g of protein.
Just remember the recipe above gives you a generous bowl of this smoothie, so calculate your actual intake accordingly.

My favourites: Top 5 must watch food documentaries

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1. Cooked – Michael Pollan

In 4 outstanding episodes, Michael Pollan takes us back to the origins of food.

Exploring the four natural elements (fire, water, air, and earth), Michael Pollan shows how cooking transforms food and shapes our lives. It’s magical how this series documentary presents the evolution of what food means to us in different cultures and how it has the power to connect us. It also highlights that we need to go back to the kitchen, connect with the ingredients and don’t let the cooking techniques and our cultural traditions to be taken by the industry. Let’s cook, people!

2. That sugar film – Damon Gameau

The Australian actor Damon Gameau, who had been living eating a healthy diet and consuming only real food (which includes no refined sugar), does an experiment to document the effects of a high sugar diet on a healthy body. So, for this experiment, he starts eating only low fat food. That’s right, those ones that most of the population believes as “healthy” – very easy to find on supermarket shelves, but not necessarily good in the long run.

3. The Diet Myth – Tim Spector

Professor Tim Spector - source
Professor Tim Spector – source

In the documentary The Diet Myth, Prof Spector challenges everything we know about weight loss by looking at the link between diet, microbes, and weight. According to his researches, many people view bacteria as an enemy without realising that some are actually crucial for a healthy gut and immune system. So, after watching this documentary, please go to the kitchen and make awesome real food to feed all the good bacterias in your gut. 😀

4. Food Matters

You are what you eat. With this words, Food Matters documentary opened my mind in a way that changed my diet and lifestyle since then. Nowadays we have medications for everything, but think for a second: what if instead of a medicine you could have a healthy diet, based on real food. Do you think your body would behave the same? More, do you believe your body would need all this medications out there? Food Matters brings out the best of this forgotten knowledge we had on food and how our views on illness and wellness have changed over the centuries.

5. Way beyond weight (Muito além do peso)

Way Beyond Weight is a free Brazilian documentary that you can watch in the video above (with English subtitles). The documentary seeks to answer why levels of childhood obesity are outstandingly high, especially in Brazil. Every responsible parent out there should feel obligated to watch this documentary and understand what are the consequences of an unhealthy and unbalanced diet to their children.


Real Food Showcase – Edition 1

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Disclaimer: this text is so mouth-watering that you should proceed with discretion if you’re feeling hungry. 🙂

In this new series of posts I want to highlight some of the best recipes with pictures that I recently came across. What can you expect? Gorgeous pictures, real food recipes, and a variety of sources of inspiration for your next cooking session. Ready?

The World’s Easiest Cookies

The World’s Easiest Cookies

Starting with something deadly simple and equally delicious. This recipe was entitled The World’s Easiest Cookies for a reason and by the image above we feel there is no way to say they don’t look delicious as well.

Banana & Almond Butter Slice

Banana & Almond Butter Slice

Is it a cereal bar or a brownie bar? I’d say it is both. This recipe of Banana & Almond Butter Slice will change your personal definition of an afternoon snack, for sure.

Sweet Potato Toppers (or Canapes)

Sweet Potato Toppers or Canapes

If you want to impress your guests or simply is feeling fancier than usual, this recipe of Sweet Potato Toppers (or Canapes) is definitely a must try. Ready in 40 minutes, there won’t be an excuse to avoid the entrĂ©e in your next meal.

All Meat and Veggie Paleo Chili

All Meat and Veggie Paleo Chili Recipe

Fancy this recipe ready on your table. Can you imagine a combination more successful than Paleo-friendly and Mexican cuisine? That’s exactly what this All Meat and Veggie Paleo Chili Recipe will deliver to you.

Paleo-friendly Chocolate Cake with Ganache Frosting

Paleo-friendly Chocolate Cake with Ganache Frosting

The finishing touch of this collection is, of course, a dessert! Look at the image above and indulge yourself with the richness of colours and flavours of this Paleo-friendly Chocolate Cake with Ganache Frosting. Who can have only one slice? #icant