Links that worth a click #week14

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2015 | Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains ‚Äď Australia
2015 | Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains ‚Äď Australia

1. Everything you need to know about iodine
2. How To Make Butter in a Blender
3. Babies Addicted to Junk Food at Just 5-Months-Old
4. Keto Lemon Poppyseed Muffins
5. 3 Easy Ways To Keep Your Gut Happy: A Nutritionist Explains
6. Carrot Orange Bread
7. 7 Surprising Signs You’re Not Getting Enough Protein
8. Fasting Can Help You Live Longer
9. How To Choose The Healthiest Chicken For You & Your Family
10.¬†Low-Carb Nuts ‚Äď the Best and the Worst

Out there: The Boathouse – Balmoral Beach

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Every now and then a new type of blog post will appear around here: this time is Out there, and it will be about restaurants reviews Рwhere you can find great and tasty real food.

As a start, I’ve decided to take Lu with me to have a delicious¬†breakfast at The Boathouse¬†in Balmoral Beach, Sydney.

The Boathouse, Balmoral Beach - restaurant front view
The Boathouse, Balmoral Beach –¬†shot of the seating area

In case you are around Balmoral Beach and need something to fill your belly, The Boathouse brings you not only an outstanding view, but also very nice and healthy options to eat.

The Boathouse, Balmoral Beach - breakfast dishes
The Boathouse, Balmoral Beach – breakfast dishes

There are many different options for breakfast.¬†We’ve decided to go with something dairy free to add more¬†variety to our lives and also because their coconut yogurt is out of this world¬†:D. Check this out:

  • Flat white as always¬†–¬†not dairy free, but perfect as it should be.
  • Market fruit plate with an extra of coconut and chia yogurt¬†– full of fresh and yummy fruits + that creamy coconut yogurt with blueberries and chia,¬†a very good dairy and wheat free option.
  • Boathouse muesli with coconut yogurt and coconut milk – not grain free, but in case you can afford it once in a while, this is a very good option. Musli was sweet enough and crunchy to perfection.

Of course, after all this fruit feast, take an extra¬†time to walk around the shore¬†and enjoy¬†Balmoral Beach. Ah! Don’t forget to bring your swimmers¬†for some great sea bathing afterwards!

Balmoral Beach
Balmoral Beach


The BoatHouse – Balmoral Beach
2 The Esplanade Balmoral Beach, NSW 2088
+61 2 9974 5440

Links that worth a click #week13

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2015 | Booderee National Park, Jervis Bay ‚Äď Australia
2015 | Booderee National Park, Jervis Bay ‚Äď Australia

1. Paleo Challah
2. Homemade Cassava Flour
3. Eat this: duck
4. What Does Coca-Cola Do to a Flower?
5. Easy Gluten Free Easter Recipes.
6. Coconut Lime Margaritas
7. Your Gut Microbes and Your Thyroid: What’s the Connection?
8. Why Seaweed is Amazing!
9. The Health Benefits of Exercise Don’t Depend on Weight Loss
10.¬†Sustainability Part 3 ‚Äď The Real Cost of Feeding The World

My favourites: Top 5 must watch food documentaries

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1. Cooked – Michael Pollan

In 4 outstanding episodes, Michael Pollan takes us back to the origins of food.

Exploring the¬†four natural elements (fire, water, air, and earth), Michael Pollan shows how cooking transforms food and shapes our lives. It’s magical how this¬†series documentary presents the evolution of what food means to us in different cultures and how it has the power to connect us. It also highlights that we need to go back to the kitchen, connect with¬†the ingredients and don’t let the cooking techniques and our cultural traditions to be taken by the industry. Let’s cook, people!

2. That sugar film¬†–¬†Damon Gameau

The Australian actor Damon Gameau, who had been living¬†eating a healthy diet¬†and¬†consuming only real food (which includes no refined sugar), does an experiment to document the effects of a high sugar diet on a healthy body. So, for this experiment,¬†he starts eating¬†only¬†low fat food. That’s right, those ones that¬†most of the population believes as “healthy”¬†–¬†very easy to find on supermarket shelves, but not necessarily good in the long run.

3. The Diet Myth –¬†Tim Spector

Professor Tim Spector - source
Professor Tim Spector – source

In the documentary The Diet Myth, Prof Spector challenges everything we know about weight loss by looking at the link between diet, microbes, and weight. According to his researches,¬†many people view bacteria as an¬†enemy without realising that some are actually crucial for a healthy gut and immune system. So, after watching this documentary, please¬†go to the kitchen and make awesome real food to feed all the good bacterias in your¬†gut. ūüėÄ

4. Food Matters

You are what you eat. With this words, Food Matters documentary opened my mind in a way that changed my diet and lifestyle since then. Nowadays we have medications for everything, but think for a second: what if instead of a medicine you could have a healthy diet, based on real food. Do you think your body would behave the same? More, do you believe your body would need all this medications out there? Food Matters brings out the best of this forgotten knowledge we had on food and how our views on illness and wellness have changed over the centuries.

5. Way beyond weight (Muito além do peso)

Way Beyond Weight is a free Brazilian documentary that you can watch in the video above (with English subtitles). The documentary seeks to answer why levels of childhood obesity are outstandingly high, especially in Brazil. Every responsible parent out there should feel obligated to watch this documentary and understand what are the consequences of an unhealthy and unbalanced diet to their children.


Links that worth a click #week12

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2012 | Florianópolis, Santa Catarina - Brazil
2012 | Florianópolis, Santa Catarina РBrazil

1. Top 14 Ways to Increase Your Metabolism
2. 8 Simple Ways To Have A No-Waste Day
3. Why You Should Think Twice Before Giving Your Child Antibiotics
4. My Top 5 Rules For Optimal Gut Health: A Doctor Shares
5. How To Help Transition Your Children To Low-Carb Real Food
6. 60 Best Whole30 Paleo Recipes of All-Time
7. Help! Why Am I gaining weight with Paleo?
8. What Is Ghee?
9.¬†10 ‚ÄúHealthy‚ÄĚ Foods That Are Actually Just Loaded With Sugar!
10. What does sugar do to our health?