Alla Scala Gelateria • Rome (best pistachio gelato ever!)

Gelateria Alla Scala - entrance.
Gelateria Alla Scala – entrance.

Just between us, ok?
Hubby is kind of a gelato crazy; this is his favourite sweet treat ever.🍦

So imagine the situation, Europe, summer, 33C (91F) on the street…

Back at home, during summer, I often make those frozen bananas ice creams at home, keeping things clean and healthier.

However, we’re in Rome, Italy, gelatos couldn’t be missed. 😀

Strolling around the Trastevere area, our gelato option for that day was Alla Scala Gelateria.
Which might be hard to notice due to its tiny door lost in the middle of those super charming Romanian alleys.

My order

Gladly they don’t offer too many options, so it was super easy to make our choices. 😜
I’m always in trouble when there are too many flavours to pick. It’s so hard to decide! This time we got:

  • Mine: Pistachio and cremino.
  • Hubby: Tiramisu and cheesecake.
Pistachio and cremino.
Pistachio and cremino.
Tiramisu and cheese cake.
Tiramisu and cheesecake.

Dear Lord, what was that pistachio gelato?!
Seriously, the best pistachio gelato I’ve ever had, and I’m saying it with some authority as I tried pistachio gelato in many other places before, including during this trip.

Cremino was very good too, it is made of vanilla, melted white chocolate, and raspberry. I tried a bit of hubby’s choices and they were equally good.

The gelato itself was super creamy, smooth, light and had a good amount of sugar (wasn’t too sweet, what is good!).

The verdict

Totally a must! Despite having just a few flavours, they are top-notch quality, packed with flavours and extremely delicious. Servings are generous and prices just right. LOVED!!! ❤️

Exact location:

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Travel itinerary • 3 days in Rome – Italy 🇮🇹

My Rome Itinerary on Google Maps.
Everything you can do in 3 days in Rome!

We started our holidays in Europe with beautiful and historical Rome!

I remember I was super excited when we arrived and took me some time to believe where actually I was.
I simply love history and just imagining that I would be walking through so many historical sites, I just couldn’t believe it was really happening.

In this post, I’ll share with you everything I managed to do during these three days.
Or you can go straight to the point and get here my Google Maps with all the places and restaurants conveniently marked for you. 😉

As a general piece of advice: Rome is full of history, as you probably already know, so to make your experience even better, how about studying their history beforehand or use Rick Steve‘s app for that, which I totally recommend.

I’m telling you that, because I think you’d be missing out a lot if you don’t know at least a bit of their history, or simply don’t have any idea what the places used to represent. 😉

Another important note about Rome: WALK!
This is a city to explore, taking the time to wander around (sometimes without destination), just enjoying the city!

Day 1 – Ancient Rome

Buy your tickets online as lines are SUPER LONG there!
(yes, even if you’re planning to go early in the morning)

Also, download Rick Steve‘s app and use his Colosseum audio tour, which was awesome and totally free.



La Strega Nocciola Gelateria • Rome

La Strega Nocciola - entrance.
La Strega Nocciola – entrance.

You know the first thing that comes to my mind when I remember my European holidays?

GELATO! Why? Because it was soooo hot during summer there! ☀️
As we’re in Italy, there’s nothing better to cool down than an authentic Italian gelato, right?

We were swimming around that ocean of tourists at Piazza di Spagna when Hubby (always him :P) suggested to have yet another gelato (second of the day) to recover our energies.

The chosen place was La Strega Nocciola Gelateria and it was absolutely great!

My order

This place was full of fruit flavours, so we thought would be a good opportunity to try a couple of them.

We got a large cup to share with the following flavours: lemon, mango, and blueberry.

Lemon, Mango, and Blueberry.
Lemon, mango, and blueberry gelato.

It was a great choice!

All flavours were super rich, you could totally believe you’re having the fruit instead of a gelato (as long as you forget the nutritional facts, of course :P).

Thumbs up for the blueberry one, that was my favourite.
Hubby is crazy for lemon ice cream so he was sold since the beginning. 😜

The verdict

This is definitely a must-go place.
It is on a calm street, a few blocks away from Piazza di Spagna and the buzz, perfect for some relaxing time.

Exact location:

More information:

You can check more posts here on the blog about my holidays in Europe and also everything I published about Italy or Rome.

Hedera Gelateria • Rome

Hedera - entrance.
Hedera – entrance.

Hedera was another perfect gelato stop.

Hopefully you are not surprised to know gelato in Italy is a serious thing, right? 😜

The store is super cute, with a vintage look that invites you in straight away.
In addition to the great variety of gelato flavours, you can also find granitas there (just in case you want something different)!

My order

As we were quite full after our delicious lunch at Da Romolo, this time we decided to share a small cup.

Just to refresh ourselves a bit before exploring more of Rome in the afternoon!

Our choice was: Chuo (70% dark chocolate) and Hedera Top (their secret flavour).

Chuo (70% dark chocolate) and Hedera Top secret flavour.
Chuo (70% dark chocolate) and Hedera Top (their secret flavour)

It’s hard to find exact words to describe both flavours, but let me give it a try:

The dark chocolate one was super rich and extremely chocolatey, as a good quality chocolate gelato should be.
It may be too bitter in case you are not a dark chocolate fan, otherwise go for it, you will love!

For the top secret flavour … OMG! What was that? I can’t describe but I believe there is a bit of pistachio and spices in it. I asked the owner what was in that flavour and he said it is “top secret” and he couldn’t reveal. 😜

The only thing he could tell me was if there was any nuts, in case I was allergic, and indeed there was, so by the flavour I suppose it was pistachio.

The verdict

In case you are around the Vatican this is a perfect place to have a stop and enjoy a delicious Italian gelato.

I loved their gelato and service was super friendly.

In case you manage to get out of them what the Top Secret flavour is made of, please tell me!
This was one of my favourite flavours in Rome, and I’m dying to know more about it. 😅

Exact location:

You can check more posts here on the blog about my holidays in Europe and also everything I published about Italy or Rome.