Change is always a good thing

You might have noticed I’ve been a bit quiet lately on both my blog and my YouTube channel, and that happened for a good reason: I had a beautiful baby boy last year. 😍

But that does not mean I was too busy to come up with new ideas (well, to be honest, I was quite busy for the most part of this period, but now things are kinda back to normal).

Introducing Lovelyroo

Motherhood is a wonderful thing and I decided it would be awesome to shift my attention to some activities that could nicely combine my interests for craft and handmade stuff with the present and future needs of my family.

And so Lovelyroo was created!

The idea is to be a shop of creative digital items to make the lives of parents and children more enjoyable, satisfying, and wholesome in the long run.

Starting with reward chart templates

The benefits of reward charts (also known as behaviour charts) are well studied and clearly defined.

Most parents immediately recognise the benefits of teaching children of all ages the importance of good behaviour.
But it is also important to know how to use reward charts with children.

Sometimes it can be tricky to figure out which tasks and activities are appropriate according to the age of your children, so don’t worry, I already wrote a blog post covering that.

More products coming soon

I’m planning more digital products to be available real soon, which for them I’m exercising my creativity to come up with a beautiful collection of cute animals to be part of my work.

So expect more blog posts as soon as I make the next products available!

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