Restaurante Miño • Barcelona

Restaurante Miño - entrance.

Restaurante Miño – entrance.Since I arrived in Barcelona I couldn’t wait to try the local cuisine and have a taste of what Spanish food has to offer.

And I happy to say that Restaurant Miño, not only provided us an OUTSTANDING dinner but also kept the bar super high regarding to Spanish food. What meal my friends, what a meal!!!!

My order

We got excited that night and decided to try some tapas and of course, the famous Spanish Paella, all combined with a super refreshing Sangria. Here is what we got:

  • Sangria for two
  • Tapas – Queso Seco, Tortilla de patatas, and Patatas bravas.
  • Paella Mixta – seafood and pork.
Tapas - Queso Seco.
Tapas – Queso Seco.
Tapas - Tortilla de patatas.
Tapas – Tortilla de patatas.
Tapas - Patatas bravas.
Tapas – Patatas bravas.
Paella Mixta - seafood and pork.
Paella Mixta – seafood and pork.

I loved their tapas, It was good to try samples of very traditional Spanish dishes in a single meal. Sangria was extremely good too.

Now turning to the paella, let’s have a very serious talk now. I’m not a seafood fan, I can eat but seafood is never my top preference when eating out. Why having a seafood paella then? Firstly, I like to be surprised, secondly, I like to try the traditional and local cuisine, and finally, I like to take risks.

And, I’m so happy, so fu*ing happy when I get the chance to change my personal preferences for some foods. This paella was one of THE BEST THINGS I’VE EVER EATEN IN MY LIFE!

Seriously people, I dream about it since then. This was just spectacular, I have no adjectives enough to recommend it. Just go there!!!

The verdict

Amazing atmosphere, great service, and outstanding food. Please, do me a favor and go there!

Exact location:

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