Granja M. Viader • Barcelona

Granja M. Viader - entrance
Granja M. Viader – entrance

While in Barcelona I was searching for the best place to have the famous Crema Catalãna and according to the internet, Granja M. Viader was THE place!

In case you are wondering what Crema Catalãna is, I can say it’s very similar to a Creme Brulee (if not the same thing) and people usually say that’s a must try while in Barcelona.

My order

So this is what we did. Went to Granja M. Viader, ordered the famous Crema Catalãna, plus another traditional dessert:

  • Cheese pudding – Flan de Matò
  • Crema Catalãna
Cheese pudding - Flan de Matò
Cheese pudding – Flan de Matò
Crema Catalãna
Crema Catalãna

I had mixed feelings with that Flan de Matò, wasn’t good, but wasn’t bad too. It was just weird and different. I guess this is one of those things that you are not used, but your brain can’t decide so you keep eating until it ends and after all, you still have no idea!

Turning to the Crema Catalãna, it was good, as I said very similar to a Creme Brulee, but that’s it. Nothing extraordinary about it.

The verdict

The place is good, you can go there to have a cup of coffee and try some of their desserts. But I would recommend you to try something else, my choices were ok but nothing more than that.

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