Vincens Torrons Artesan • Barcelona

Vicens Torrons Artesan - entrance.
Vicens Torrons Artesan – entrance.

It seems that torrons (or simply nougat) are a serious thing in Spain, at least in Barcelona. Many people recommended me to try a few flavors and I could find stores selling them everywhere.

Honestly, I’m not a nougat fan, I just find it overly sweet and sticky, but people guaranteed me that the Spanish one was different and I should give it a try.

So there I was at the most recommended place for nougat in Barcelona: Vincens Torrons Artesan.

My order

At the store, you find a huge variety of samples to try, Which I found fantastic as they have so many flavors to pick from. Indeed I’ve found those sticky ones there too, but the two below were actually very good and more on the creamy side.

  • Chocolate and Rice
  • Crema Catalan
Chocolate and Rice.
Chocolate and Rice.
Crema Catalan
Crema Catalan

They were very good quality, Crema Catalan was super creamy and the Chocolate and rice one had the right ratio of creaminess and crunchiness. They are still super sweet though. 🤣

The verdict

Good, but not AMAZING. I believe it would work as great souvenirs though.

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