5 Terre Gelateria • Manarola – Cinque Terre

5 Terre Gelato - entrance.
5 Terre Gelateria – entrance.

After having lunch in Vernazza, we decided to get the train back to Manarola to take some extra photos of the area.
But I might also say we had a second goal in mind: try a gelato from 5 Terre Gelateria.

We found very good reviews online about them, and early in the day, while we were exploring this little town, this place was always super busy.

They also have a selection of brioches (which can combined with ice cream to please the most demanding sweet tooth 😜) and crepes, but we only tried their gelato at the occasion.

So, after all this walking, why not have our gelato of the day there, right?

My order

Their selection of gelato covers the most traditional flavours, so we decided to follow the idea and stick to the classics!

  • Mine: Amarena and Cremino.
  • Hubby: Dark chocolate and Tiramisu.
Amarena and Cremino.
Amarena and Cremino.
Dark Chocolate and Tiramisu.
Dark chocolate and Tiramisu.

The verdict

Everything was super creamy and delicious! Rich in flavour and great texture!

Totally worth a visit to refresh yourself after a day hiking around the Cinque Terre. 🤗

I also noticed they have another shop further down the street, just closer to the beach.
By our observations on the day this one was usually less busy, but you have two options in any case. 🙂

I couldn’t find it on Google Maps though, maybe it was a temporary store?

Exact location: maps.google.com/maps/kZcmKHz2Vts

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