Mercato Centrale Florence: La pizzeria sud and La pasta fresca • Florence

In case you are a foodie like me, this is the best place to visit in Florence!

Florence’s Mercato Centrale is an incredibly rich and diverse place (culturally speaking), packed with stalls displaying fresh produce, meat, fish, cheese, and, obviously, authentic Italian food. 🇮🇹

Take your time exploring this amazing place, and to finish off your visit, go upstairs to try at least one of all the restaurants available at the food court.

The challenge is deciding which restaurant to have your meal from, when everything looks so delicious!

My order

To give you a better perspective of the place, hubby and I decided to other our lunch from two different restaurants, so here is how we did it:

La pizzeria Sud – By Chef Stefano Callegari.

La pizzeria Sud - By Chef Stefano Callega.
La pizzeria sud – By chef Stefano Callegari.
Pizza Margherita.
Pizza Margherita.

Here the option could not be anything other than a super traditional Pizza Margherita, right?

This one in particular was Naples style, with a fluffy crust, delicious tomato sauce, and a super buttery mozzarella cheese topping everything.

La pasta fresca – By chef Raimondo Mendolia

La pasta fresca - By Chef Raimondo Mendolia.
La pasta fresca – By chef Raimondo Mendolia.
Gnocchi stuffed with four kinds of cheese, topped with butter and salvia sauce.
Gnocchi stuffed with four types of cheese, topped with butter and salvia sauce.

Another dish we decided to try was this cute Gnocchi stuffed with four different types of cheese 🧀, topped with butter and salvia sauce.

How was it? Simply gorgeous.

We finished it wanting more, and more!
Now that I’m writing this post I’m being reminded that this is something I should totally try at home, ASAP!

The verdict

Florence’s Mercato Centrale is definitely a must, even if you are not planning to have lunch there.

Just go and explore the place, there are plenty of stalls where you can have a taste of different foods as well.

Seeing where the locals shop and eat is, in itself, an amazing experience.
Added bonus to your visit is, of course, going upstairs for more good food and prepared meals!

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