Antica Gelateria Fiorentina • Florence

Antica Gelateria Fiorentina - entrance.
Antica Gelateria Fiorentina – entrance.

Really close to the Mercato Centrale Florence you will find this hidden gem called Antica Gelateria Fiorentina, full of amazing gelato flavours.

I simply couldn’t decide which flavours to pick and their staff was kind enough to help me out, by suggesting a few flavours and giving me a taste.

They were so attentive doing their job that every time I would ask to try some unconventional flavour of gelato they would promptly give me a heads up if there was any special ingredient in it, like alcohol, nuts, or even, rose water.

My order

This time we decided to go bold and get different some unusual flavours, especially based on how cool they sounded: 😜

  • Hubby: Enkey (dark chocolate), Matcha, and Biscotto (Italian for biscuit).
  • Mine: Fior di latte, Buon Talenti, and Persiano.
Enkey (dark chocolate), Macha, and Biscotto.
Enkey (dark chocolate), Matcha, and Biscotto.
Fior di latte, Buon Talenti, and Persiano.
Fior di latte, Buon Talenti, and Persiano.

I think we should have played the lottery that day after picking our flavours!

Everything we chose at the time was absolutely spot on!

Fior di latte is a cheese based flavour, Buon Talenti is based on a very traditional Florencian cream, and Persiano is packed with some hints of Middle Eastern flavours. Truly majestic!

Hubby’s Matcha gelato was the precise amount of flavour to be rich and distinctive, and the dark chocolate one (Enkey) was equally rich in chocolate. Of course, if you prefer a more sweet versions, Enkey might not be for you. 🙂

The verdict

Delicious gelato, with traditional and a good collection of unusual flavours.

Excellent place if you want to surprise yourself with new gelato combinations.
Staff is also great, super kind, helpful and polite.

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