Two sizes – The best tiramisu in Rome!?

Two Sizes - entrance.
Two Sizes – entrance.

This apparently timid store next to Piazza Navona holds guaranteed food satisfaction behind its door.

Two Sizes is the place to go for an authentic Italian dessert.
It offers a good variety of homemade Italian creations, including the famous Tiramisu.

Just by passing by on the street you can see them displayed in front of the store. 😁

My order

There you will find the traditional Tiramisu (mascarpone and coffee) and also other flavours, such as pistachio, peanut butter and caramel.
All of them served exclusively in two sizes (hehehe).

As a pistachio fan that I am, I’ve decided to get a small one to try.
Look how cute it was:

Pistachio tiramisu.
Pistachio tiramisu.

I have only two words for this: MIND BLOWING.

… sorry, I can’t even keep writing any longer, my mind is to busy remembering this beauty …

It was my favourite Tiramisu EVAR!!!

And I’m not saying that just because of the pistachio, this entire little piece of heaven was super creamy, smooth and extremely light.

The verdict

It was a shame I didn’t get the big one, seriously.

I just didn’t order another one because you know … all those “eating too much while on holidays” thoughts immediately came to me.
So I had to step on the brakes a bit.

I considered eating again on a subsequent day, but unfortunately, I didn’t happen to be around this place a second time. 😭

So please, in case you decide to go (and I highly recommend you to do so), get the larger size, OK? #noregrests

Exact location:

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