Roma Sparita • Rome (restaurant review)

Roma Sparita - entrance.
Roma Sparita – entrance.

Since I watched this Antony Bourdain’s episode in Rome (more than 6 years ago) my vocabulary increased by exactly two words: Cacio e Pepe.

The translation is simply cheese and pepper, and it is an authentic Romanian dish.

This is a super simple pasta made only with Romanian Pecorino cheese and black pepper, however its flavour is something from another world.

Searching online what would be the best place to try it, Roma Sparita was the top recommendation, named by a few reviewers as providing a life changing Cacio e Pepe.
So why not check it in person and get our lives changed, eh? 😜

My order

I admit that I was super excited going to this place and didn’t even consider ordering anything else in their menu.

I just wanted to try their Cacio e Pepe.
Anyways, we ended up ordering two more things as follows:

  • Simple salad (to share): simple salad – mixed leaves and tomato.
  • Main: pasta Cacio e Pepe (cheese and pepper).
  • Dessert (to share): tiramisu.
Simple salad - mixed leaves and tomato.
Simple salad – mixed leaves and tomato.
Pasta Cacio e Pepe (cheese and pepper).
Pasta Cacio e Pepe (cheese and pepper).

As we’re so hyped about this dish, Hubby and I decided to order one each, no sharing this time! 😁
The idea was to have full appreciation of our meals.

Oh boy, what was that cheese bowl!?
Now, do you understand the life changing thing, right?

I simply LOVED it. ❤️

It is delicious, but I must admit that’s a bit salty (I read reviews online about it too), so a glass of wine will do a great job.

Assuming you have no issues with highly salted food, I absolutely can recommend it – SUPER YUM.

To finish our dinner I had a tiramisu, it was good but nothing exceptional.
Enough to cut the saltness from our previous dish though. 😜

The verdict

I would totally go again, loved their food and service.
Our waiter was super funny and friendly.

The house gets super busy so I highly recommend you to book.

We didn’t book, but we arrived there 10 minutes before opening and they managed to give us a table, lucky us. 🙂

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