La Strega Nocciola Gelateria • Rome

La Strega Nocciola - entrance.
La Strega Nocciola – entrance.

You know the first thing that comes to my mind when I remember my European holidays?

GELATO! Why? Because it was soooo hot during summer there! ☀️
As we’re in Italy, there’s nothing better to cool down than an authentic Italian gelato, right?

We were swimming around that ocean of tourists at Piazza di Spagna when Hubby (always him :P) suggested to have yet another gelato (second of the day) to recover our energies.

The chosen place was La Strega Nocciola Gelateria and it was absolutely great!

My order

This place was full of fruit flavours, so we thought would be a good opportunity to try a couple of them.

We got a large cup to share with the following flavours: lemon, mango, and blueberry.

Lemon, Mango, and Blueberry.
Lemon, mango, and blueberry gelato.

It was a great choice!

All flavours were super rich, you could totally believe you’re having the fruit instead of a gelato (as long as you forget the nutritional facts, of course :P).

Thumbs up for the blueberry one, that was my favourite.
Hubby is crazy for lemon ice cream so he was sold since the beginning. 😜

The verdict

This is definitely a must-go place.
It is on a calm street, a few blocks away from Piazza di Spagna and the buzz, perfect for some relaxing time.

Exact location:

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