Frigidarium Gelateria • Rome

Frigidarium - entrance.
Frigidarium – entrance.

You can easily picture the situation: summer in Italy – temptation is everywhere with those delicious gelatos!

You see gelaterias everywhere and let’s be honest: finding a bad gelato in Rome is almost impossible.

Of course, Frigidarium Gelateria isn’t an exception and once again we had amazing choices of gelato to freshen up after a hot summer day. 😊

My order

If you have been following my posts describing the different gelaterias in Rome I visited, you might noticed I’m kinda always ordering similar flavours.

Why is that? Well, if I want to pick the best, I have to be able to compare them, right?

So here is what we decided to get this time:

  • Mine: pistachio and amarena (a small bitter and dark Italian cherry).
  • Hubby: chocolate and tiramisu with chocolate coat.
Pistachio and Amarena.
Pistachio and amarena.
Chocolate and Tiramisu with a chocolate coat.
Chocolate and tiramisu with a chocolate coat.

I loved their amarena flavour, it was delicious to find the whole black cherry mixed in.

The other half, pistachio, was good, but it had a mild flavour, you know, lacking punch?
I would prefer something stronger.

Hubby loved his choices, especially that chocolate coat.
According to him, it make the gelato even more refreshing. 😁

The verdict

A very good choice, especially if you happen to be around Pizza Navona.

Staff was super friendly and offered me to taste before I ordered.

They don’t have that many flavours available, but I guarantee they will have the most usual choices.

Their website:

Exact location:

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