Alla Scala Gelateria • Rome (best pistachio gelato ever!)

Gelateria Alla Scala - entrance.
Gelateria Alla Scala – entrance.

Just between us, ok?
Hubby is kind of a gelato crazy; this is his favourite sweet treat ever.🍦

So imagine the situation, Europe, summer, 33C (91F) on the street…

Back at home, during summer, I often make those frozen bananas ice creams at home, keeping things clean and healthier.

However, we’re in Rome, Italy, gelatos couldn’t be missed. 😀

Strolling around the Trastevere area, our gelato option for that day was Alla Scala Gelateria.
Which might be hard to notice due to its tiny door lost in the middle of those super charming Romanian alleys.

My order

Gladly they don’t offer too many options, so it was super easy to make our choices. 😜
I’m always in trouble when there are too many flavours to pick. It’s so hard to decide! This time we got:

  • Mine: Pistachio and cremino.
  • Hubby: Tiramisu and cheesecake.
Pistachio and cremino.
Pistachio and cremino.
Tiramisu and cheese cake.
Tiramisu and cheesecake.

Dear Lord, what was that pistachio gelato?!
Seriously, the best pistachio gelato I’ve ever had, and I’m saying it with some authority as I tried pistachio gelato in many other places before, including during this trip.

Cremino was very good too, it is made of vanilla, melted white chocolate, and raspberry. I tried a bit of hubby’s choices and they were equally good.

The gelato itself was super creamy, smooth, light and had a good amount of sugar (wasn’t too sweet, what is good!).

The verdict

Totally a must! Despite having just a few flavours, they are top-notch quality, packed with flavours and extremely delicious. Servings are generous and prices just right. LOVED!!! ❤️

Exact location:

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