DIY: How to revamp an old cabinet

Before and after - Cabinet Revamp.
Before and after – Cabinet Revamp.

I was looking for a small cabinet to put next to my entrance door (to keep shoes away) but I couldn’t find anything the way I was imagining.
You know those times when you have a picture in mind and nothing else can convince you otherwise.

Then, just another day goofing around the town centre, I decided to check Salvos (opportunity store in Australia) and I found this beauty for $30 bucks!
It would need just a few fixes and tweaks, but would be perfect for what I needed. I liked so much the result that I decided to share with you how simple it was to revamp this cabinet. Shall we start?

Things you will need:

  • A cabinet
  • Window film
  • 4 furniture legs + 8 screws


  • Retractable knife
  • Screwdriver

Step 1: apply window film.

First, we cleaned the surface properly before applying the window film. It helps if applied little by little, removing the paper layer a bit at a time. The window film pattern makes a huge difference at the end, so make sure to pick a nice one. This was hubby’s choice and we loved!

Applying window film.
Applying window film.
One door done, ready to start the second one.
One door done, ready to start the second one.
Window film done!
Window film done!

Step 2: install legs.

Finally, we just installed these 4 legs using a screwdriver and 2 screws per leg. Simple and super easy to do.
Ah, by the way, we bought these legs from eBay. In case you want to buy the same ones, here is the listing.

New legs installed.
New legs installed.

It’s done!

Yeah, my photography skills could be a bit better, I know, but I think you can see clearly the final result.
It was an amazing transformation for pretty much just more than an hour of work. I loved it! ❤️

Cabinet revamped!
Cabinet revamped and ready to be used!

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