Engadine Street Festival – Sutherland Shire

This weekend we had the annual Engadine Street Festival, here in the Sutherland Shire.

The first edition happened in 2015, so as you can expect, this year followed the traditional “bigger and better“. 🙂

Amongst the attractions, here are my highlights:

  • Baby animals (such as baby sheep or piglets) that kids can pat, feed and play;
  • Collection of carnival rides, including some exciting enough even for thrill-seekers (see images below)
  • Market and food stalls
  • Reptile exhibition

As I was feeling particularly inspired to take photos on the day, here is a collection of the photos I took:

The location of the event this year was set to be held in Engadine Town Square, around Old Princes Hwy and on Station St, from 10am to 4pm.
Of course, road closures apply so it is always better to use public transportation (it is just two blocks away from Engadine station). 🙂

Food-wise – if you know me at least a bit, you know that was the only reason I was there 😛 – the event did not offer much in terms of healthy food. 😐

As an event attracting a number of kids and teenagers, it would be nice to see a between balance between more real food options, rather than mostly fast food.

But I am not here to be a party pooper; the organisation did a fantastic job putting together all these businesses and attractions, so I can honestly say it was great and enjoyable day out there.

An interesting suggestion I have for the next year would be to start a bit earlier (maybe 8am?), so people can have their breakfast there as well.
In a culture where good morning coffee has such a strong appeal like the Australian, I believe that would be the perfect starting kick off. 🙂

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