Think.Eat.Save by OzHarvest, at Martin Place, Sydney

I love a good cause, but even more when it is food related. 🙂

Food for thought

Today, here in Sydney, we had this event organised by OzHarvest called Think.Eat.Save Martin Place where the main idea was to attract awareness to the food waste occurring every single day of our lives.

Did you know that an alarming one third of the food produced for human consumption (roughly 1.3 billion tonnes … yes, BILLION TONNES) is wasted, or simply lost during some stage along the way from the fields to our tables?

How was the event

There was so much to see and learn, as you can see from the photos above, but let me try to summarise some of the most interesting parts.

First and foremost, free lunch with rescued food.
That’s right, not only the meals served today were prepared with perfectly edible food (but that would otherwise go wasted from restaurants and supermarkets due to their serving policies), but they were also served free of charge!

Meals were prepared by a collection of world-class Australian chefs including Neil Perry, from the Rockpool Group, and Matt Moran (ARIA catering).

Chef Neil Perry at the event

It was a great opportunity for networking as well. With at least 5,000 people expected to have attended the event, plus impeccable organisation by the volunteers, meet-and-greet like-minded people was an easy task. 🙂

Finally, you could also join a live panel discussion regarding food waste, food security and sustainability with a number of experts in this field. Ah, there was also some stands from Woolworths and Glad where they promoted some of their initiatives aligned with the idea of reducing food waste.

If you missed the event, or just happen to live somewhere else, the event also takes place in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Newcastle, and Perth.

This is an annual event, so if you could not attend this time, don’t worry, you will have a new chance in 2018!

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