Minimalism – Documentary


Minimalist is a wonderful documentary that makes you think about the consumerist world we have been living. Surprisingly it’s not only about marketing and targeted advertisement, but also about the collective feeling we have creating an urge to buy and possess an endless number of things.

Have you ever asked yourself if everything you, already own or still want to buy, is truly necessary?

Two and half years ago my husband and I decided to move to Australia and I had to exercise this thought in real life. It was our first time here and we weren’t sure if it was a temporary or permanent decision, either way we decided to bring only things that would fit 4 suitcases weighing a maximum of 32 kilos each.

Everything we owned in Brazil was pretty much sold or given away. I just kept a small carton box at my parent’s house with a few items of emotional value. In simple terms, things were either packed in our suitcases or gone for good.

Then, by organising the things we would be selling/giving away I realised how much we’ve accumulated over the years. I had things like kitchenware that I never used! Untouched stuff gathering dust inside my cupboards. Same for clothes, shoes, papers, books, and many others things.

That moment I decided I’ll ask myself 100 times if I really need a certain thing before buying it. Since we moved here, this way of thinking seems to be working well. A good example is that we don’t have a microwave at home. I discovered that this modern-item-that-every-kitchen-seems-to-need, it’s not important for me and I’ve been living very well without it.

Of course, there are temptations, sometimes I spot a very good deal and I can clearly hear my wallet trying to convince myself it needs to be open. It’s a matter of focusing on what is important for you and whether that product will really make any difference in your life.

I’ll leave you now with their official trailer (the documentary is available on Netflix).

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