My favourite Food Channels on YouTube

I’ll admit, I’m completed addicted to YouTube. I can spend hours online just browsing my favourite channels or watching to those recommended videos (YouTube’s recommendations are more often than not spot on!). So today I decided to share here a few channels I’m constantly watching. I hope you guys like them as much as I like.

Clean and Delicious – By Dani Spies

Dani is a health, wellness and weight loss coach. Her channel is full of delicious and easy to make recipes, advocating the clean way of eating (no nasty ingredients and using whole foods). Every now and then she publishes something paleo friendly, gluten free, and low carb too.
I love the way she presents her recipes and also her friendly personality on video. You can find more recipes on her blog

Bondi Harvest – By Guy Turland

Bondi Harvest is presented by Guy Turland, a very talented Australian chef. His recipes are all based on good quality ingredients, with plenty of vegetables, healthy stuff, and sometimes paleo-ish dishes. Another thing I love about this channel is the Australian lifestyle very well represented by Guy. He’s a typical beach Australian bloke!

You can find more recipes on their blog


Tastemade is a well-known YouTube channel. There are videos from different chefs around the world, with a huge variety of dishes and cuisines. One of my favourite things to do is to try to adapt their innovative recipes to something according to my diet and lifestyle. Always a tasty challenge! 😀

Fablunch – By Olga Bykina

Olga is a wonderful woman, I love to watch her on screen. Her channel is packed with healthy, vegan and fab ideas for lunch, which names her channel: Fablunch. She also has a great blog full of recipes and general information to improve your health,

Diana Keuilian

Diana is one of my favourite paleo cooks! Her recipes are delicious and extremely easy to make. I constantly browse her blog to get some inspiration for my weekly meal plan.

She also cooks a lot for her children, so you can find amazing recipes on her channel and blog to make especially for your kids. It’s a bit unfortunate that her YouTube doesn’t get much attention; I hope she comes back soon to it. On the flip side, her blog is constantly updated, though.

Laura Miller

Laura is a raw vegan cook with an amazing sense of humour. I really enjoy her spontaneity on the screen. Her recipes are easy and packed with flavour. After watching them you will think twice before saying vegan/raw food is tasteless or visually unattractive. I’ve tried many of them and was always extremely happy with the results.

Food Wishes – By Chef John

John is an American chef that I really enjoy watching. His videos are totally homemade, simple production, but full of incredible recipes. You can see he enjoys teaching and brings it to his videos, making them very didactic, clear, and easy to follow.

I’ve learned many different cooking techniques by watching him, and I’m deeply thankful for him to spend his time creating these videos. Keep up the good work, John!

Diane Sanfilippo

Diane is the author of Practical Paleo and the 21-Day Sugar Detox, plus she keeps a very informative blog at What I like about her channel is that there is a good mix of useful information related to healthy, well-being, and cooking.

She’s also very friendly and charismatic, super didactic on her explanations about any topic.

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