Food Choices – Documentary

Food Choices

Food Choices is a documentary about how our dietary choices can affect not only our daily lives and health, but how also they can affect the environment and global ecosystem. According to author and filmmaker, Michal Siewierski, a plant-based diet is the key to achieve a healthy life and to save our planet.

I do believe our choices have a huge impact on the planet, however, the documentary sounded a bit shallow on some aspects for me and didn’t make me change my mind about meat consumption. Anyway, I always like to watch documentaries with different views about food so I can always keep my mind open and expand my own opinions.

The documentary itself is very good and brings exciting topics to the table, such as:

  • Overview on meat, dairy and eggs consumption in the US
  • Processed food
  • Over consumption of supplements (Do we really need them?)
  • Importance of nutrition as a healing tool
  • How expensive is to keep a plant-based diet
  • Organic or non-organic food?

Another interesting topic in the documentary is the difference between veganism/vegetarianism and a plant-based diet. According to Michal and several specialists he interviewed to make the documentary, there is a huge difference between the 3 of them. A vegan/vegetarian person will not necessarily have a healthy diet, perfectly eating processed food instead of whole and nutritionally dense food, which is the plant-base diet proposal.

This documentary can be watched on Netflix. I’ll leave you guys with the trailer below:

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