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Anzukko entrance. If I'm not mistaken it's on the 2nd floor.
Entrance to building where Anzukko is. It’s on the 2nd floor, I think. 🙂

According to the Internet, Anzukko Gyoza is well known by their iron pan gyozas. It seems they are one of the last restaurants that cook gyoza this way, instead of using a grill like other places. As a gyoza fan, I had to try it out!

The place is kinda hard to find – on the 2nd floor of a small building, if I remember it correctly – and only by paying attention to the signs hanging out of it you will be able to find the place. Use my photograph above to confirm the location when you get there. 🙂

My order

Once you get seated, you are served a small appetiser (not for free, though). Then you can proceed and place your order.

There are traditional pork and veggies gyozas cooked on an iron pan and some curious flavour we thought it’d be interesting to try. Our choices are described below:

  • Appetiser: Little portion of seasoned tofu.
  • Gyozas: Anzukko Gyoza, cooked on an iron pan, Camembert cheese gyoza, and Yuzu-citrus gyoza.
Tofu as appetizer.
Tofu as an appetiser.
Anzukko Gyoza, cooked on an iron pan.
Anzukko Gyoza, cooked on an iron pan.
Camembert cheese gyoza and Yuzu-citrus gyoza.
Camembert cheese gyoza and Yuzu-citrus gyoza.

I might say, the iron pan gyoza is AMAZING. That cooked crunchy crust is completely different from a grilled gyoza. I could eat hundreds of them, however, this place has some unusual rule where they allow you to buy more than 8 pieces of gyoza per person. As we got the 12-piece plate to share, we couldn’t get more after that. 🙁

Can you believe that? I had that delicious thing in front of me and I COULDN’T order more! Bummer!
So in case you go there with more people, I suggest each person in your group buying their own 8 pieces plate and then you guys can share the other flavours.

The other gyozas available can be ordered as much as you want, but there is no traditional flavour for these ones, though.

The verdict

The place is good, staff is friendly, iron pan gyoza AMAZING. It’s just the “8 pieces per person” rule that doesn’t make any sense in my opinion. We left the place disappointed and still hungry, having to stop somewhere else for a snack.

About the English: English menu available and staff can communicate in English.

Bill: $1520 Yen ($18.00 AUD)

Exact location: (2nd floor if my memory doesn’t fool me)

More information:

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