Gogyo | Nakasujicho – Kyoto

Gogyo Kyoto entrance
Gogyo Kyoto entrance

Have you heard of Burnt Ramen before? Yeah, me neither until I got to Gogyo in Kyoto. They are very famous for this type of ramen, which has the soy or miso base cooked up to 300C degrees! The result, I might say, is amazing. Very different from traditional ramen and totally worth a try.

My order

We decided to try a traditional ramen and one of the burnt versions:

  • Appetisers: veggies and cabbage
  • Mine: Gogyo tonkotsu-men (Pork broth ramen) – very garlicky.
  • Hubby: Kogashi Shoyu-men simple (Burnt soy sauce ramen).
Appetizers: veggies and cabbage
Appetisers: veggies and cabbage
Kogashi Shoyu-men simple (Burnt soy sauce ramen)
Kogashi Shoyu-men simple (Burnt soy sauce ramen)
Gogyo tonkotsu-men (Pork broth ramen)
Gogyo tonkotsu-men (Pork broth ramen)

Hubby loved his Kogashi Shoyu-men simple (soy burnt ramen)! I had some and it is a very intricate dish. The flavours were spot on, and different from traditional ramen I’ve tried before. My ramen was delicious, but after I tried his, I was very jealous of his choice. 😛

Turning to my order, my Gogyo tonkotsu-men was one of the best pork broth ramen I had in Japan. I loved that it was very garlicky (much more than other places), and packed with flavour.

The verdict

You MUST go there and have one of the burnt versions. It is very different from anything else and it would be a shame going to Kyoto and not eating it. Seriously, go there.

The only thing I didn’t like was the fee charged for those appetisers that I didn’t order. I noticed other restaurant doing it in Kyoto as well. It seems like to have a seat there you need to pay this fee and then they bring you a simple appetiser. I don’t remember how much it was (for sure wasn’t expensive), I just don’t like to have something pushed on me.

About the English: English menu available and staff can communicate well in English.

Bill: $1780 Yen ($23 AUD) – no drinks.

Exact location: https://goo.gl/maps/maxJRbjLMAU2

Extra information: www.ramendining-gogyo.com/kyoto-location

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