Gyoza Hohei | Kyoto

Gyoza Hohei entrance
Gyoza Hohei entrance

You know, I’m not a fan of fish in general. I started eating fish already as an adult.
I like it, but it’s very unlikely it will ever be my first choice. 😛 Anyways, my first contact with Japanese food was through gyozas. This little and yum pack of flavours made by Japanese ninjas (no kidding, I’m sure about it :P).

Nowadays I’m more open to the Japanese cuisine and, because of my personal dietary choices, gyoza had to find its way to the dark corner of the room. However, being in Japan I thought I would be a fool if I didn’t have some.

That’s why I went to Gyoza Hohei in Kyoto. The shop is very, very, very, small. You could totally miss its entrance if you don’t pay attention. The place seems very popular as well, so I would watch the time to go there to make sure you don’t get long lines.

My order

We decided to get some appetisers and to try the two gyoza flavours available on that particular evening. Here is what we had:

  • Grilled salted salmon rice ball
  • Boiled bean sprouts with miso-flavored minced pork.
  • Potato salad.
  • Garlic & Leek Gyoza and Ginger Gyoza.


Grilled salted salmon rice ball
Grilled salted salmon rice ball
Boiled bean sprouts with miso-flavored minced pork.
Boiled bean sprouts with miso-flavored minced pork.
Potato salad.
Potato salad.
Garlic & Leek Gyoza and Ginger Gyoza.
Garlic & Leek Gyoza and Ginger Gyoza.

The portions are small, including the gyozas (they were very tiny). However, it’s fine taking in consideration the low prices.
My impression was that gyoza bars (like this place) are not a place to have a meal but just some appetisers and drinks.

As good Japan first-timers, we were planning to have it as a meal. What obviously didn’t happen, so we ordered around 4 portions of gyozas to fill up our bellies. 😀

The verdict

Everything was very good and tasty. I really liked the ginger gyoza, it was very different from any other gyoza flavour I’ve tried before.

I have just one little thing to add though. I believe this is a family business, so there was the a person that looked to be the mother as a waiter and a teenager helping her to serve tables (possibly her son). At some point, this boy was helping her to make more gyozas (damn it, they weren’t ninjas), and at the same time, he was also dealing with customer’s money, without wearing gloves or washing his hands.

Hubby believes this is their secret ingredient to make such delicious gyozas (he didn’t care and still alive). From my side, I had these mixed feelings: damn good gyozas vs bad hygiene. I was very disappointed as I didn’t eat a gyoza for ages and there was me, having a gyoza filled with people’s money germs. That’s why I decided to write it here, hoping someone there will read and pay more attention to this details. 🙂

Just for the record, I was fine after the meal, no stomach bugs at all. 😛

About the English: English menu available and staff can communicate in English.

Bill: $1850 Yen (A$22.50) – no drinks.

Exact location:

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