Forks over Knives | Food Documentary

Forks over Knives
Forks over Knives

Every time I watch a food documentary I have the final impression we should all live of air. You know, like everything we’ve been eating in recent years is bad. 😛

Well, jokes apart, this time I bring you Forks over Knives as a documentary suggestion. This movie goes against what I believe it’s good for my personal diet, however, it’s always important to understand other perspectives and keep an open mind, don’t you think?

Forks over Knives advocates a plant-based diet (it’s not what is commonly called vegan too), where you would avoid meat and dairy products and instead have plenty of vegetables, greens, legumes, and grains. They also show the danger of a high consumption of protein and why this should be avoided.

It is an interesting point of view and worth some of your attention. You can find it on Netflix or download via their website.

In case you are curious, here is their official trailer:

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