Tokyo Buffet Station | Daimaru – Tokyo

Tokyo Station Buffet entrance
Tokyo Station Buffet entrance

What the heck am I doing at a restaurant buffet in Tokyo? Well, I just wanted a break of the ramen land and have a regular plate with salad, veggies, and some meat. That’s it. 🙂 Simple pleasures!

Tokyo Station Buffet is an all-inclusive restaurant building located at the Daimaru building food court. It’s a perfect option for people following a low carb diet, or simply general diets (as long you have enough self-control to not overeat in this type of restaurant). There is traditional Japanese food available, as well a huge variety of salads, veggies, and meat such as beef, pork, seafood, and chicken.

Desserts and non-alcoholic drinks are included too. I loved to have some fruit as my dessert and the opportunity to try a little bit of the Japanese things is always a great plus. 🙂

My choices

As it was a buffet restaurant, I tried to get a little bit of the many options available. Here is what I got:

  • Main: roasted chicken, pan-fried pork and a variety of salad and veggies available there.
  • Dessert: fresh pineapple, watermelon, pears, and apples. Chesnuts, red bean paste, mochi (Japanese rice balls) and a jelly that I still have no idea what flavour it was :P.
Main dish - variety of meat and vegetables.
Main: variety of meat and vegetables.
Dessert: fruit and some traditional Japanese sweets.
Dessert: fruit and some traditional Japanese sweets.

Now let’s talk seriously. What are all those small divisions in this plate? Come on, Japan! I really think that small portions are lovely but not in an ALL-INCLUSIVE restaurant? A flat plate next time will be helpful would be more interesting, in my opinion.

Apart of that, I liked their food. It was good to have some salad and fruit for a change. Also, if you are not sure about trying some traditional Japanese food, this is a good opportunity to give them a try, as you can easily have small bits of everything.

The verdict

It is not a special place, although definitely a great choice to have a break from ramen, sushis, and rice bowls. Plus, you can use this opportunity to refill your body with fresh salad and fruit (kinda hard to get salad there).

About the English: Mostly all options in the buffet have a tag with their English name and staff can communicate just OK in English.

Bill: $1,944 Yen (A$ 25) per person, all-you-can-eat style (including non-alcoholic drinks)

Exact location: (the restaurant is inside the Daimaru building, on level 12.)

Now I’ll leave you with the view from the restaurant. 😉

Tokyo Station Buffet view
Tokyo Station Buffet view

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