The Station Grill | Shinjuku – Tokyo

The Station Grill entrance
The Station Grill entrance

It was one of the very few rainy days we got in Tokyo, so we decided to keep ourselves dry and explore some shopping centres in Shinjuku while waiting for the bad weather to go away. Around lunchtime, we decided to eat (obviously :P) and kill my curiosity about Omurice.

The Station Grill seemed a good option to do both. See, I had never heard about this Omurice thing, even during my research about Japanese food before our trip. However, when I saw it there I thought: “you know what? this looks good, I think it’s worth a try” – and I’m glad I did it.

Omurice is basically fried rice topped with an omelette. You can easily find many different combinations for this dish and I believe it is a good option for those avoiding ramen and other wheat flour-based dishes.

My order

This time hubby and I decided to order the same thing (he’s SOOO jealous). We decided to go with:

  • Special combo rice omelette: chicken rice covered with a delicious omelette, a beef burger topped with BBQ sauce, beef stew, and some veggies.
Special combo rice omelette
Special combo rice omelette

I loved this thing! The chicken rice underneath the omelette was fantastic, packed with flavour. Beef burger well-cooked (I would skip the BBQ sauce, nothing special about it) and the beef stew was tender, deliciously melting in our mouths. Veggies were just fine, to be honest, I would like to have more of them but that’s OK.

The verdict

I really liked the place and this dish. Even if you can’t go to this specific restaurant, the area where it is located is a big food court, so there are plenty of other places serving Omurice. It is a good wheat free option on its own (just double check the dressings) and you can pick different combinations to compose your dish. I also found it to be very filling for the price.

About the English: English menu available and staff can communicate well in English.

Bill: $3,340 Yen (A$44) – two people, dishes only, no drinks.

Exact location: (This restaurant is located in the Lumine Est shopping centre, on the 7th floor.)

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