Odori Yakitori | Odaiba – Tokyo

Odori Yakitori entrance
Odori Yakitori entrance

Let’s say you are goofing around Odaiba and looking for a paleo-ish place for a quick lunch, if that’s you, you can give Odori Yakitori a try. As the name says, they serve yakitori – which is basically chicken grilled on a skewer seasoned with salt or soy sauce (not paleo). Yakitori serves as a good low carb meal option as well.

However, if you are not keen to have yakitori (it was my case) you can try other dishes available in the restaurant! There are many options of rice bowls and yummy salads at a good price.

My order

This day I remember I was kinda hungry and needed something more substantial, so we decided to have:

  • Caesar salad: this is not gluten free (not surprising), but if you don’t have any serious intolerance or allergy (like me), you can just take the pieces of bread off of your plate or ask the waiter to not include them in your dish when you place your order.
  • Roast Oyako chicken and egg rice bowl: it includes miso soup and sliced cucumber. My very jealous husband got the same as me.
Odori Yakitori - Caesar Salad
Odori Yakitori – Caesar Salad
Odori Yakitori - Roast Oyako chicken and egg rice bowl with miso soup and cucumber.
Odori Yakitori – Roast Oyako chicken and egg rice bowl with miso soup and cucumber.

About the salad, it was just OK. Now, talking about to the rice bowl, we really liked this dish! I was expecting just rice with plain scrambled eggs, but I believe they added some sort of chicken broth to the rice, which adds a really good extra flavour and an interesting twist.
It’s also a paleo-friendly option in Tokyo. Of course, they don’t advertise themselves as a Paleo restaurant, but if you are not that strict with the idea, go for it!

The verdict

This is a very cost effective restaurant in Odaiba. The portion sizes were enough for the size of our midday hunger, plus the rice bowl was yummy and very tasty.
Also, for those following a paleo-ish diet or just avoiding heavily wheat-backed foods, having a non-ramen option is a godsend.

About the English: There is an English menu available and staff could communicate well.

Total bill (two people): $2,650 Yen (A$ 34) – no drinks.

Exact location: https://goo.gl/maps/yRZ1idQsZD82 (It’s inside the Aqua City Shopping Centre, in their main food court.)

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