Out there: Henley’s Wholefoods | Bondi Junction

Henley's Wholefoods entrance
Henley’s Wholefoods entrance

While cycling at the Centennial Park another Sunday, that morning hungry feeling decided to say hi to my husband and me. It wasn’t the polite type that calmly talks to you, but that one that shouts loud at the back of your stomach!

So, I remembered a place I’d heard about recently: Henley’s Wholefoods Café in Bondi Junction, and I thought: “Why not give these guys a try today?

The place was empty when we got there (before 8am), what made very easy for us to get a table and have our food quickly served :). To start, we ordered:

  • Two flat whites with coconut milk;
  • An extremely moist coconut and chocolate gluten free muffin (no refined sugar too).
Flat white with coconut milk.
Flat white with coconut milk.
Coconut and chocolate gluten-free muffin
Coconut and chocolate gluten-free muffin | Look how moist this is. YUM!

After this morning entrée, we ordered more things to share:

  • A slice of pumpkin & hazelnut meal loaf (gluten and refined sugar free).
  • Farmers Feast: two lamb sausages, two poached eggs, two rosemary sweet potato rostis, wilted spinach with one whole roasted truss tomato.
Pumpkin & hazelnut meal loaf.
Pumpkin & hazelnut meal loaf.
Farmers Feast
Farmers Feast

The pumpkin & hazelnut meal loaf was very good, moist and delicious. About the Farmers Feast dish, everything was ultra yummy, very well seasoned and tasty. However, the sweet potato rostis could be improved. It didn’t match my expectations; the consistency was more like a sweet potato cake than a rosti, without any crunchy feeling. The taste wasn’t bad, just wasn’t a rosti, what made me miss that crunchy feeling I was looking for when I pictured this plate in my mind before ordering it.

Anyways, it worth a try. There are plenty paleo-ish options in their menu. Also, they have a great variety of gluten free and refined sugar free treats at the counter. Almond and soy milk are available as well, but I would recommend you going with the coconut milk for your coffee, much more yummy! 😛

Henley’s Wholefoods – 9/310-330 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction – Sydney
Check their website for other locations: www.henleyswholefoods.com.au

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