Out there: Sabbaba | Bondi Beach

Sabbaba Restaurant - Bondi Beach
Sabbaba Restaurant – Bondi Beach

I don’t follow any specific diet, my only rule is to eat only what makes me feel good and healthier – real food. That’s why I avoid some types of food, but this is definitely doesn’t serve as an excuse to not eat out. I love a good restaurant and the opportunity to try new dishes.

What I do while eating out is simple: pick an option that is as much real food as possible.

This time, the chosen one for a restaurant review was: Sabbaba. I personally LOVE the middle eastern cuisine, and at Sabbaba is very easy to get a nice plate with a little bit of everything I like. :).

The restaurant menu is very straightforward. There you can choose between:

  • Pita bread sandwich (there is a wholemeal version available as well) served with a variety of salads and dips or;
  • A bowl or a (big) plate with the same variety of options served in the pita bread;
  • Finally, for any of the options above, you can pick your favourite protein (including a vegetarian option with halloumi cheese).

This day, I decided to have the big plate, while my husband got a wholemeal Pita Sandwich.

Sabbaba plate option.
Sabbaba plate option.

On my plate I had:

  • Chicken shawarma;
  • Greens (the regular version comes with Tabouli, so I asked to replace it).
  • Cabbage salad;
  • Pickles;
  • Baba ghanoush;
  • Hummus (some chickpeas to garnish);
  • Tahini dressing and Salsa.

They are very understanding when you ask to replace items. Also, this plate originally comes with some pita bread as a side, which my husband was extremely happy to have. If you don’t want it, simply say the word and they’ll not include it.

Sabbaba Pita Sandwich
Sabbaba Pita Sandwich

The other option (ordered by my husband) was the Pita Bread Sandwich in a wholemeal version. You can choose between many of the filling options available or pick one of their suggestions. He had:

  • Halloumi cheese;
  • Tabouli;
  • Cabbage salad;
  • Pickles;
  • Babaganush;
  • Hommus;
  • Tahini dressing and Salsa.

No dessert for us that day. There are traditional middle eastern options available. However, none of them are gluten or sugar free. They have vegan options though.

Ah, and if you don’t have any grains restriction (and are OK with some deep fried food), they are very famous for the Falafels. 🙂

Sabbaba – 82 Hall St, Bondi Beach – Sydney
Check their website for other locations: www.sabbaba.com.au


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