Out there: Sydney Tower Buffet

Restaurant inside and a little bit of the view.
Inside of the restaurant and a peak of the city view.

Many people struggle to keep their regular diet when travelling. Reasons vary: some might say there are so many unusual options that they want to try them all; others are simply unsure about where to find options compatible with their diet plan.

In case you are spending some days in Sydney and is considering going up to the Sydney Tower, but not sure whether the revolving restaurant is a good option or how the food choices are, this post is for you. 😉

Despite of being Sydney residents since 2014, last month my husband and I decided to use a gift card we got from work to have dinner at the Sydney Tower Buffet for the first time and see what’s all about this so popular revolving restaurant.

Well, first things first, it really revolves :). During our dinning experience we had a 360-degree view from the city. No, you don’t feel dizzy because it moves very gently, but I admit it took me some time to feel comfortable there (not a huge fan of high buildings myself).

Talking about the food, there is a buffet available and you can check their menu online, so have a look before making your decision. You’ll find there a good variety of meats, salads, and also some gluten free desserts (not sugar free though).

Some things I had for my dinner there.
Some things I had for my dinner there.

As you can see from the photos above I had:

  • Different types of salad and veggies, with ham, salami and beef (there were high carb options as well, but I decided to use it for the dessert :P).
  • Plate of cheese, dried and fresh fruits.
  • Some gluten free desserts (veeery sweet).

I reckon a person that doesn’t eat grains, gluten, or follows a low carb diet can easily have dinner there. The buffet is all-inclusive, so you can eat as much as you can of everything available. It’s just a matter of adding the right stuff to your plate and finding your table because, surprise, it is constantly revolving.

However, the food wasn’t amazing, I must say; everything I tried was edible but just plain OK, nothing special. Honestly, the dinner doesn’t worth the amount you pay for the experience.

However, if you put the food aside for a second, the view is unbelievable. Excuse me for the bad quality of my photos (forgot to bring my camera), but I just wanted to show you guys something from up there.

Sydney Tower buffet view
Sydney Tower buffet view

In conclusion, the view is great but the food is just OK. If you want to eat there anyways, the buffet is open for lunch and dinner, every day. Prices changes for weekends and public holidays.

For more information, check their website: https://www.sydneytowerbuffet.com.au/

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