7 health benefits of coconut oil

Coconut oil has been shunned in the past because it contains mostly saturated fat. Now we’re calling it a “superfood”, vital part of any modern healthy diet. Why the change of heart? ❤️

Coconut tree - Photo credits: https://flic.kr/p/MtD6k

Many recent studies have been conducted to find the true effects of saturated fat. The results? Saturated fats are nothing to be afraid of. In fact, coconut oil’s fatty acids are actually very beneficial to our bodies, aiding brain function, fat loss and preventing disease.

Let’s look into 7 amazing benefits of adding coconut oil into your diet today.

  1. Coconut oil can be effective at helping people with Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, and other brain disorders. This is because the fatty acids present in the oil have been shown to increase blood levels of ketone bodies which provide energy to the brain.
  2. Coconut oil can help prevent infections. Fatty acids have the ability to kill harmful pathogens and at the same time give a boost our immune system.
  3. It can help you lose weight. Their signature medium chain triglycerides (fatty acids) can increase our body’s total energy for the day by about 5%, burning significant amounts of body fat in the long run. Aside from being able to shed excess weight, coconut oil also helps to prevent abdominal obesity in women.
  4. Coconut oil is good for your skin and hair. Apply coconut oil to the skin as a moisturiser to improve its health and appearance. Use it as a natural sunblock (blocks 20% of UV rays) for skin protection.
  5. Coconut oil is great for your oral health. Ever heard of oil pulling? Swishing it around in your mouth as a mouthwash is an effective way of killing bacteria that damage your teeth and cause bad breath.
  6. It improves your digestion. When you cook with coconut oil it actually helps your body to absorb more nutrients from your food. Not only you will get more vitamins and minerals out of what you eat, you’ll get less indigestion because the saturated fats act as an antimicrobial remedy, discouraging bad bacteria, parasites and fungi that cause these issues.
  7. Coconut oil can reduce your risk of heart disease. High amounts of LDL cholesterol is bad news – you probably already know that – and can lead to serious health problems. However, HDL cholesterol is good for you. Consuming a moderate amount of this oil balances these cholesterols out, lowering LDL and increasing HDL which in turn can reduce risk of heart disease.

Yes, coconut oil is healthy! It’s a great alternative for baking and cooking. Try it out!
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