Out there: The Boathouse – Balmoral Beach

Every now and then a new type of blog post will appear around here: this time is Out there, and it will be about restaurants reviews – where you can find great and tasty real food.

As a start, I’ve decided to take Lu with me to have a delicious breakfast at The Boathouse in Balmoral Beach, Sydney.

The Boathouse, Balmoral Beach - restaurant front view
The Boathouse, Balmoral Beach – shot of the seating area

In case you are around Balmoral Beach and need something to fill your belly, The Boathouse brings you not only an outstanding view, but also very nice and healthy options to eat.

The Boathouse, Balmoral Beach - breakfast dishes
The Boathouse, Balmoral Beach – breakfast dishes

There are many different options for breakfast. We’ve decided to go with something dairy free to add more variety to our lives and also because their coconut yogurt is out of this world :D. Check this out:

  • Flat white as always – not dairy free, but perfect as it should be.
  • Market fruit plate with an extra of coconut and chia yogurt – full of fresh and yummy fruits + that creamy coconut yogurt with blueberries and chia, a very good dairy and wheat free option.
  • Boathouse muesli with coconut yogurt and coconut milk – not grain free, but in case you can afford it once in a while, this is a very good option. Musli was sweet enough and crunchy to perfection.

Of course, after all this fruit feast, take an extra time to walk around the shore and enjoy Balmoral Beach. Ah! Don’t forget to bring your swimmers for some great sea bathing afterwards!

Balmoral Beach
Balmoral Beach


The BoatHouse – Balmoral Beach
2 The Esplanade Balmoral Beach, NSW 2088
+61 2 9974 5440

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